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Pinched Straw


Fall 2022

Project type



This photographic series exhibits my recoil from the demand for productivity in everyday life and the attention economy on social media. The private and public have melded to create a restless existence for many. I am working through the effects of this on myself in these photos. Stiff denim keeps the faceless worker upright, while more is forcefully produced in less time. I am wrapped in a crocheted blanket that took me three months to produce. I find connection to Anne Wilson’s Hair/Clothworks through the amount of my hair that was intertwined with the yarn while I was making this blanket. This piece also shows the subject far from the lens suggesting a retreat after months of effort. The body remembers the pressure from being overworked. I’m trying to find out how long it takes for the body to forget by documenting and prioritizing rest. I invite the viewer to do the same to the extent possible.

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