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Design Work

While I studied photography I found a passion for design. Here you will find my most recent projects... 


August 2023

Advertisements for Pro Meals

I've recently partnered with a local business called pro meals. Apart of my work involves creating advertisements and banners, as well as setting the design standards for the company.

February 2023

Web Design

During my undergraduate studies I took 2 interaction design classes. Since then I have created numerous website layouts on Figma.

Screenshot 2024-03-03 at 8.44.00 PM.png

May 2022

T-Shirt Design

Since 2018 I have provided T-shirt designs for the DeKalb High Schools marching band. Every year there are 2 shirts designs related to that years half time show and I have been designing both.

March 2022

Flyers for my Club

In undergrad I was a senator for the NIU Student Government. I was also on the Board of Elections which meant I helped with organizing the upcoming election. I volunteered to work on the graphics for promotional materials. 

Voting Awarness.jpg
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